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LD-FEM-G3010Transparent bottle and glass flying laser engraving

Product introduction:

    Applied materials: transparent glass, acrylic and other packaging materials.

1. Wuhan Lead Laser Co.ltd develops and produces the invention patent technology equipment independently, diode end-pumped frequency doubling laser, 532nm wavelength green laser output, with smaller light spot diameter,more concentrated energy,higher electro-optic conversion efficiency and better beam quality after focusing.

2. Digital design is engraved in the middle of the thickness of the glass wall, flat and smooth, without any damage. It can not be worn off by using the high temperature, low temperature, acid, alkali solvent and grinding wheel, removing this engraved sign will cause the bottle broken, deep and permanent anti-fake.

3.Full automatic dynamic coding in the product packaging production line, it is not affected by the bottle size and shape change, code position can be set accurately, it can be engraved with the bottle wall thickness≧2mm.

4.Equipment software is not only can satisfy online engraving the general digital, it also can integrate with the product traceability system software, realizing engrave the only identity code of each product. It also can complete static text, pattern and the two-dimension code.

5.No dust powder, peculiar smell and noise when coding.It is environmental protection and energy saving.

6. It can satisfy the engraving and coding in the transmission speed of 0-15 meter/minute, it also can meet up with the capacity of 3000-8000pcs/hour with the 8-12 digitals.

7. Equipment can work longterm and stable, it is applied for the industrialized mass production processing, the service life is long.


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