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LD-FHG-G3007Composite membrane flying laser engraving and coding machine

Product introduction:

    Applied materials: Plastic composite membrane, paper-plastic composite membrane, aluminum foil composite membrane, aluminized composite membrane, all kinds of metals and ...

1. Special laser can penetrate surface transparent coated layer or UV layer of the multilayer composite membrane packaging materials, just engraving contents in the color layer under the film and materials, there is no damage to every composite membrane layer structure. It also can penetrate heat shrinkable film and other multilayer transparent film and engrave in the printing layer under the film, with strong anti-fake and anti-destructive.
2. Apply to surface engraving in the other metal and colored nonmetal materials, there is a certain color difference of the engraving content and the body color, then forming identity.
3. Laser cold working, There is no dust powder, peculiar smell, pollution when coding. It can not damage the coding content using acid, alkali, solvent, high temperature, low temperature and so on. Environmental protection and energy saving.
4. Quick coding speed and good coding effect, it can satisfy dynamic coding in the packaging and printing products in the 0-150 meter/minute transmission speed of production line.
5.It can engrave text figure, production code and the batch number. The two-dimension code can be read accurately.It’s the unique identity code for each smallest dynamic packaging products. It is used for identity source code of the product warehousing logistics trace sales management, as the basis of the query and the management.
6.The products have a certain distance deviation, but it doesn’t affect the coding effect. Easy to operate, long-term and stable working, it can satisfy large quantities of industrial production needs.
7. Main system size:84cm X 94cm X135cm
Cooling ng system size: 67X30X47cm
Weight of whole machine:120kg


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