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San Diego Dentist Now Offering Laser Technology
Sourcing:admin    Time:2014-08-05

For years, Dr. Roya Mirkhan of the Advanced Dentistry and Implant Center in San Diego has offered cutting-edge dental services to patients seeking a natural, healthy and beautiful smile. She continues to forward this goal by now offering laser dentistry in the form of laser gum treatment and laser whitening, two advanced methods that produce astounding results with little to no discomfort to the patient.

Laser technology has numerous benefits in the field of dentistry. It makes it easier for dentists to perform procedures and makes it more comfortable for the patient. Lasers have actually reduced the need for dental surgery to treat gum disease, something that can save patients money, pain and a long recovery period. Laser gum treatment provides for a faster recovery time, controlled swelling, less postoperative discomfort and less of a need for local anesthesia or sedation during the procedure. Without the worry of pain and a long recovery period after a dental procedure, perhaps laser dentistry will also help people become less wary of visiting the dentist.

Laser whitening can correct discolored teeth quickly and effectively, and these treatments can be designed to suit a patient’s particular needs. http://www.dentalimplantsinsandiegoca.com/Services-Procedures/Cosmetic-Dentistry/Teeth-Whitening.aspx

If you are interested in learning more about the laser gum treatment and laser whitening services that Dr. Mirkhan can provide, please feel free to visit her website at http://www.dentalimplantsinsandiegoca.com/. You can find helpful information about many of the procedures that she performs, can look at before and after pictures and can learn more about the particular services you may be interested in. You are also welcome to call to schedule a consultation to discuss your particular needs and concerns, whatever these may be.

As a San Diego dentist, Dr. Mirkhan focuses on patient comfort and state of the art technology to attain the best possible results for each patient in his or her pursuit of a healthy and beautiful smile.


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